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26. November 2010

Ever since humanity is striving forward. From the first bone spears to today’s blackberries, we strive toward technology. This has been a constant process and thread throughout humanity’s history.

Today we understand so much about the human body, soul and brain and can cure diseases which would have been incurable or even deadly just 50 years ago.

And still we strive. Now we strive away from our bodies, willing to open our minds and expand them.

The internet has done us a real favor. It enables us to leave our bodies behind while our minds roam freely through the informational constructs without being a fakir.

Everything is online today, you can know everything; watch everything; listen to everything. With Facebook, Twitter and Google you can share your thoughts with the whole world.

But what happens after that? Do you always think about what might happen to a thought shared online, written on your facebook wall? It is all there, for eternity. Decades after you’ve shared pubertal thoughts online they might come back and strike you again, making you wonder about what you were thinking when you wrote a poem, wish or threat.

And you might wonder if it was such a good idea to share a thought, just hatched from your brain for five minutes or so, with everyone in the world.

And still you shouldn’t be afraid of all this. Shouldn’t lock away everything you want to share in your head just because some day it might come back to you.

Because that would mean the end of imagination, the end of thought itself, when people stop sharing their thoughts with other people because of fear of exposure and stop being what they truly are because they just want to fit in - when this happens, our striving would finally have ended. In the wrong way.

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